1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. Dare to be different and be rewarded with a crowd of people taking pictures every time you open the hood. There are few faster street cars than this 735 hp Terminator Mark. The instant power of the big twin screw Kenne Bell supercharger will beat higher horsepower turbo cars up to 100 mph. My friend, with his 800 rwhp Twin Turbo Corvette Z06, found that out. The Luxury Super Coupe will pamper you as well. A cruise is pure pleasure, floating on the air ride suspension, sitting on overstuffed leather seats in your wrap-around cockpit, listening to the JBL stereo as you get 22 miles per gallon. The Terminator Mark was created with unique imagination and precision by MADMARKS, the renowned builder of fast Mark VIIIs. Using the legendary 2003/2004 Cobra Terminator motor, a 2.6H Big Bore Kenne Bell supercharger was added and a Lentech fully automatic race-built overdrive transmission was used. This combination makes 612 rwhp at 21 lbs. of boost. No expense was spared 2 years and 6,000 miles ago to create a fast, reliable cruiser. Look at this sleeper; wind tunnel inspired design, glowing pearl paint, sparkling powder-coated wheels, and dazzling light show with HID headlights, Cobra driving lights, LED lit intercooler and neon rear panel. This sleek cruiser is no overweight slug; it weighs just 3,750 lbs. with aluminum components including hood, same weight as a new Mustang GT. Lowballers not welcome. Please contact me for a full list of mods.

Price $ 25,000 No Haggle Pice Trades Welcome

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Morrisville, Pennsylvania US
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1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC
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