1973 DeTomaso Pantera

DeTomaso Pantera .

This is an estate sale. The last owner, from 1986 onward, was a friend of mine who died of cancer. I am helping his widow get the car sold. She has boxes of documents and files that come with the car. Between reviewing those files, knowing the car through the years, and recently pulling it out of storage and driving it, I've been able to put together the following information about the Pantera. It appears all owners are known. I would include that information here, but CarsOline limits the number of characters I can use, so it won't fit. However, it is all in the files. My friend purchased the Pantera in 1986. He wanted to make the car into a GTS clone. Fortunately for him, he owned a body shop. So he stripped the Pantera to bare metal and did a color change to red. He fitted wider, original style Campagnolo rear wheels, and new Avon tires. The original rear wheels come with the car. Other modifications included the installation of an aftermarket air cleaner, side air scoops, vent window mounted rear view mirrors, a kill switch, and 1972-style front bumpers, and a new front air dam. The rear bumper was also removed. A vent in the hood was also added and as well as a vented panel at the back to assist cooling. A Holley carburetor and different intake manifold were also installed. The changes and modifications done were accomplished over some 20 -30 years or so. During that time the Pantera was driven precious little as it was still a work in progress. So the car spent most of its years stored. Unfortunately, my friend passed away a couple of years ago from his cancer, and now His wife has now decided to let the car go. Although the photos to not accurately show it, the Pantera has very little rust. What is there appears to be only minor surface rust. The only significant I saw is on the back edge of the trunk lid. I can provide photos showing these rust bubbles quite accurately. However, the underside of the car is really good and solid, as would be expected for a documented low mileage car. The rocker panels, lower fender lips, and main chassis structure all present as straight and unmolested. I also found no evidence of any accident damage. I was also able to see that the engine number on the chassis tag does match the number on the block. It is hard to see on the block, but it is there and easier to see in person. The Pantera is currently located in Massachusetts. It will be sold. She doesn't need it around anymore. More information, more photos, and videos, can be seen at: https://motorsportsmarket.com/racecars/1973-de-tomaso-pantera/

Price $ 65,500

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts USA
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1973 DeTomaso Pantera
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