1958 BMW Isetta 300 Convertible

BMW Isetta 300 Convertible. Whether you are a collector of mini cars, such as the 1958 BMW Isetta in this ad or you want something in your collection that can attract as much attention at a car show as one of your super expensive classics, the BMW Isettas are always a show stealer. A little bit of history, after WWII, BMW got back into business with the BMW Isetta which became a very popular economy car and certainly was a lot more practical than a motorcycle. Some of its most unusual features was that when you open up the front door to get in, the steering wheel and column would move forward with the door so that the driver and a passenger could have easy access to the inside of the car. Please note the BMW Isetta in this ad is fully equipped with deluxe hubcaps, luggage rack and an original style wicker luggage piece. What makes this particular BMW Isetta super, super special is that it is a full convertible. Almost BMW's had a sunroof and a rear glass window. Just a few and we mean just a handful, had the BMW full convertible top so that where the glass window would normally be that part is also a convertible top that goes down (see pictures). Bottom line is that if you ever go to a car show that has a BMW Isetta (which is unlikely) it would be super unlikely that there would be another one that has a full convertible top. This BMW runs fine just as it should and is a true blast to drive. The cosmetics of this car are excellent as you can see in the pictures. Top speed is just under 55 mph but cruising speed is 40-45 mph all day long. Pull up in your BMW Isetta at any serious car show and watch the crowds all gather around this little car or better yet arrive at your country club in your Isetta and you will be the talk of the club for the rest of the week. They are truly unusual cars with German precision and the most unique design that you could ever imagine. Again remember that the rare full convertible top is the cherry on top of the cake for BMW Isettas. Our asking price is slightly negotiable but we request phone calls, we do not Text 847-774-4857. We do our best with emails but we know that serious collectors will call and get immediate response. Thanks for looking.

Price $ 27,500

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Rockford , Illinois USA
Ad # 102568

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